Donati Classic and Sports Cars is synonymous with passion, dedication and expertise. We aim to offer our clients the best guide to buying, selling and restoring classic and sports cars.


Our sale consultancy services aim to provide you with the most advantageous sale opportunities as well as the means to maximally benefit from them. Your vehicle will be inspected in detail and then evaluated on the current market.

If necessary, maintenance and restoration work may be carried out to bring the vehicle up to its optimal condition, in order to ensure the best possible value.

We strive to be defined by our precision, care and commitment, providing reliable and transparent guidance as we you assist you in your sale.

A classic car is an art form in motion

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Once you have made contact with us, we begin any given purchase of a vintage car by searching for your desired model on the market. During the research phase, as we follow movements occurring globally, we also personally take care of vehicle inspection on your behalf. This means that we guarantee its authenticity and make sure to direct you towards your ideal purchase.

our values: transparency, honesty and trust

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Because the market for classic and sports cars is such an elite and complex field, we make it our primary goal to assist the client throughout all steps of the purchase and/or sale process.

Following a detailed and rigorous inspection of the vehicle, we take extra care in verifying authenticity, operation, condition, documentation and organising logistics.

We don't want our clients to buy the wrong car

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With over thirty years of experience in the restoration of vintage cars, we are proud to lend an expert hand to guide our clients, ensuring they are able to make the best and most sensible investment possible.