Donati Classic and Sports Cars is not only a business but a passion grounded on solid foundations of expertise, and exceptional reputation.

It is with perennial dedication that we uphold our mission of providing expertise and guidance in buying and selling in the complex – but incredibly satisfying trade of classic and sports cars.

About Roberto Donati

One might say Roberto’s life began in the front seat. Born and raised in Italy, he took his first steps in his father’s workshop, surrounded by engines which soon captivated his mind and imagination.

The 80’s marked the start of his adventure in the US, where he was able to hone both knowledge and craft, learning intently from the very best in the vintage car sector.

After relocating to Massachusetts and joining one of the world’s most prestigious workshops he had the responsibility and privilege of restoring some of the rarest and most sought-after vintage cars in circulation.

This extended, precious time of growth and learning motivated him to go a step further, steering him on the parallel personal endeavour of meticulous restoration and import-export commerce.

His lived experiences have imbued him with a deep, firsthand understanding of cars, their intricate structure – but most of all, the meaning they hold for each unique individual.

A Classic car is like a work of art

R. D.

our service

We owe our keen eye for restoration to an in-depth grasp of both a vehicle’s aesthetics and its engineering. To us a car is much more than the sum of its parts. The equilibrium between performance, elegance, design and mechanics makes each one a unique organism, made even more special by the individual who drives it.

Being well versed in the nuances of the import-export business we are always poised to intercept the best and rarest sale and purchase opportunities, as well as being able to offer on-point insight into the market’s secrets, and answering our customer’s every inquiry.

Our strength lies in Roberto’s exceptional skill and knowledge when it comes to the inner workings of cars. This enables us to carry out a thorough inspection on all vehicles, thus guaranteeing the highest standards in terms of quality, safety and care during the purchasing phase, which the customer might otherwise not always be bound to receive.


What our client says about us

Modern and powerful race cars, event cars, classic and unobtainable cars, you name it! But above all else, our cars represent the pure, unadulterated joy of driving: over the years Donati Cars has always strived to bring each and every patron the car of their dreams, thriving on quality, transparency and developing long term relationships.